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Have you ever been skinny dipping?
Nope, I'm deathly afraid of water and very shy because I'm a very petite person. Skinny Dipping is the ultimate 'fear' thing for me.

This week's challenge is simple. Write a 100 to 1501  story featuring Kid and Lou, or Buck and Ike. Rating can be any you want as long as you post a warning in the caption.

The prompt this week is "Spring is in the Air"

Good luck to everyone!

hello everyone! Been away for a bit but I'm back now. Between work and trying to finish the first draft of my novel life's sorta been outta control. Anyway, onto this week's challenge.

Usual format applies between 101 and 1001 words. Featuring two of the riders, and just to make it a bit more interesting lets do it as a dialogue story. You can use dialogue tags at the beginning but you must set the scene and storyline through nothing more than dialogue.

The prompt for this week is: Fate must have played a hand!

Good luck and I look forward to seeing what everyone gets done!


Wow it's already October! With Halloween coming up  soon I thought it would be fun to do a challenge around that theme. So here's the guidelines.

Story must feature at least one of the riders, must contain some link to Halloween whether it be ghosts, bumps in the night, or what have you. Be no more than 1500 words and is due on October 31st. Rating is up to you, but if it's higher than PG 13 please remember to make a note of that, a warning or something so that those who are not of the age to read adult or violent content do not start reading it!

Have fun and hope to see lots of spoooky stories.

Title: Hours

Fandom: The Young Riders.

Characters: Ike McSwain

Prompt: Hours
Word Count: 184

Rating: G

Summary: Time seems to drag by when you’re waiting.



Tick. Tock. Slowly, I breathe in, breathe out. I sit and stare out the window, through the bars at the busy street. I am so sure I’m doing the right thing. I must do it. Its like Teaspoon said self respect goes all the way to the bone. Doing the right thing will help me keep my self respect; help me preserve my pride, my dignity as well. 


Tick. Tock. I listen to the clock as it counts the seconds. Waiting, watching, praying as time slowly drifts past me.


Each tick sounds as loud as a gunshot, every breath burns. I’m torn by fear. I need to do what’s right, but I stand to lose my best friend if I do. I might as well pull the trigger. If I don’t do what I know he’d want me to do could I live with myself? I know what Buck would say to me, I must follow my heart…but my heart doesn’t know the way to go right now.

Tick. Tock. Slowly, the hours pass me by but I still have hours left to go.


Title: Life

Fandom: The Young Riders.

Characters: Ike McSwain

Prompt: Life
Word Count: 127
Rating: G

Summary: Choices affect life

The shadows of the night were fading as Ike settled on the front stoop of the bunkhouse. His gaze saw the two shadows of the lovers beside the barn. They’d risked everything for each other. Offered to die to save the other.


He smiled softly. The very willingness to risk life and limb for the other made him very glad that his friends were alive. That now they could embrace life was a source of joy for him. Life had to come before death.


They had love, trust, faith, and a future. Someday he’d bounce his child on his knee, and she’d cry as her baby walked down the aisle to marry. They would grow old together, hold each other and live as they were meant to.

Title: A New Day

Fandom: The Young Riders.

Characters: Ike McSwain

Prompt: Beginning

Word Count: 108

Rating: G

Summary: The beauty of the rising sun

A New Promise
Character pairing - You decide
Rating G
Word Count 275
Summary: Someone's kept their promise...but its not enough
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, I'm just having fun with them.
a/n: Character Death so please be advised to have a tissue on hand.

The Long Black Train
Fandom: The Young Riders 
Characters: Ike McSwain
Word Count: 1205
Summary: The weight of guilt can break even the strongest man
Disclaimer: I don't own the character, nor do I own the song which inspired this story. The Long Black Trained as performed by Josh Turner.

The Rose
R - mature themes
Summary: Kid and Lou spend some quality time together...my response to the challenge on TYRFIC that got away from me.
Pairing: Kid/Lou
Disclaimer:  The Young Riders is the creative genius of Ed Spielman and the property of Ogiens/Kane in association with MGM?UA television. For entertainment purposes only, no infringement intended. 

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